contra argument to the WEF


I post this as an example to help one realize that many large often unknown and unseen events can have huge impacts oon ones life without one knowing. For eample the massive increase in roads being replaced by bike paths. Or the huge jump in heavy ev bikes and very fast unicycle and scooters. Many of which are promoted and pushed with big funding, but by whom? Yes they have honorable stated purposes but is there something bigger driving this trend – something unsaid?  For example, I watch hundreds of bikers daily race straight through Stop signs at intersections; and cars also. If this part of the new disruption politics, and if so, what’s the purpose of training road users to disobey traffic signage. Hmmm I often wonder. Do you? Is it simply to disrupt so that trouble results and more power would need to fall to governments to correct the problem that they caused by settting up these weird pedestrian controlled red lights?



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