My Greatest Skill As A Driving Instructor

Vigilant Visual Scanning is the most potent skill I share with my clients because we all have eyes and can dramatically increase our visual awareness when managing complex traffic environments.

But when I see a crushed automobile looking like a crumpled piece of paper following a collision, I realize that I possess a far greater skill, which is rarely shared nor taught to clients.

This great power is called momentum. Controlling this massive power is my most incredible skill! This skill is called Dump your Speed, the counterbalance to momentum.

The Go-Go-Go Driving Culture is a Brain Washing

The Go-Go-Go culture of driving.

Fastest route, go go go, you can make the light, come on, move it, pressure to move faster, is very dangerous brainwashing that a vast majority of the driving population have bought into without thinking.

The standard we seem to be forced to accept is, go go go and hurry up. Good driving seems to be, get from A to B as fast as possible. For many, this causes extreme anxiety.

But there is another way.

Come talk about Calm Driving.

It is possible.

Lines are Painted In the Wrong Place

I believe the road markings need to be changed to fit more naturally with how we see and think – eyes and brains.

We know so much more about how our brain and vision work than 100 years ago when road lines were first painted onto our highways.

The car goes where you look.

Into the curb or onto the bright centre yellow line!

Both get you into trouble.

Hence, the lines are painted in the wrong place, invented and placed there long before we understood how our brain and eyes work.

Come, I show you what I mean.

Come learn and understand painted lines, your brain, your powerful eyes and why I say the lines are painted in the wrong place.