Biggest Issue

This Game of Driving, for the most part, allows anyone to play. Worse than this, near no one, gets ejected from the game. Ejection requires seriously hurting or killing other players, often killing more than one, or extreme out-of-control behaviour. Furthermore, often it is a temporary ejection from the game.

If flying planes were treated the same way as driving cars, planes would fall out of the sky daily.

Given that 1.3 million die annually and up to 50 million get injured annually, of all the education invested in, why is driver education not at the top of the list?

    • While washing dishes, a large plate fell and broke the young daughter’s leg.

    • The desk smashed through the office wall, causing tens of thousands of dollars.

    • A fellow walking behind at the mall smashed into me, producing whiplash; off work for three weeks!

These are all silly descriptions of events that rarely occur throughout most of our daily tasks.

Few daily activities carry the danger of big money, of injuring or seriously injuring another person, including death, not to mention the related emotional trauma.

Driving does.